How big is eSports?

eSports is massive. Thousands of incredible fans. Welcome to the main event. Jensen gets him! It’s an ace for Cloud9! It’s a long-standing rivalry here. And it’s gonna be all five! Pentakill! [ cheering ] World champions! UC Irvine announced on Wednesday that it’s gonna launch an eSports initiative in the fall of 2016. And

The Greatest LoL Player

And it was in this critical time that SKT’s Faker, emerged as the game’s greatest player. (Casting) And, just like any other sport markets its best players and teams, so did Riot Games. From studio features to interviews, Riot took full advantage of SKT’s popularity and marketability. And for good reason. As a new fan

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Dota 2 and League of Legends became the most widely played games in the world and by 2011, both companies made serious commitments to their esports scene as a way to market and grow their game. Valve announced The International, a tournament that boasted the biggest prize pool in esports history at $1.6 million in