I Spent $10,000.00 on Playing Cards!! Here’s why…

One of my insane obsessions is with playing cards. I have thousands and thousands of playing cards worth probably well over $10,000. In fact, every single deck that you see in this video right here, has not been opened.

These are all unopened decks of cards. Now the question you’re probably asking yourself is, why? Why so many playing cards?

Well, I’m gonna try to break down the answer as simple as I possibly can. Let’s start with the investment. Cards like these or these and these, and these, and these, and this one here, and these, all these cards were purchased originally for about $10 or $15 each. Have a look at Ebay and some of them are fetching hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. So it’s very easy to understand that when printing playing cards, you’re basically printing money.

Let’s start with Kickstarter. Each one of these decks has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform, which allows you to fund the projects that you wanna fund. Well some of these decks fetch from $120 up to $190,000 dollars of crowd funding. Mind you, the designs were very ornate and very well thought of and the campaigns in general, were very well put together.

A deck like this would normally sell on Kickstarter for about $12 to $15, but about one year after it’s been sold on Kickstarter, the value will have multiplied tenfold. Just like these ones over here, right now on Ebay are going for roughly $200 a deck. Now there are a lot of collectables in the playing card world, such as uncut sheets.

Basically these are proofs of the playing card before they go into the cutting stage. Many people like to collect them and hang them up as art on their walls. You can also get some very cool playing card holders, such as these lucite cases, which look good on your desk, or even store them within bottles. Now these are sealed bottles, sealed decks within sealed bottles, handcrafted by Jamie D. Grant, these are incredible.

You’ll waste your day looking for the seam in the glass but trust me, the glass has not been tampered with to get these in there. Other cool things you can do with playing cards is slap ’em onto skateboards like this one here. Hang ’em up on your wall, more art. So if you take a step back, we’re left with three different kinds of decks that I use. We’re left with the deck I perform magic with, a deck that I carry around everyday for more of a casual situation, and a deck for card flourishing, or cardistry.

Let’s take a look at the decks I use for magic. Now, normally these are very, very standard playing cards in Neteller casino, like bicycle playing cards or anything that doesn’t draw too much attention to the eye. Because when performing for spectators, anything out of the ordinary will draw unnecessary attention. The back designs as well as the face designs are usually very standard and easily recognizable.

Having these unassuming decks makes the magic a little bit more accessible for lay people, as they see a trick and they’re not distracted by the design of the cards or the fact that the cards look fishy. Everything looks like a deck your grandma would have in her underwear drawer, maybe not the underwear drawer. And because I perform with these decks, they have to feel good and they have to handle well.

And also I tend to use them a lot in performances, so cards will get destroyed. They will also get signed on by the spectator, which is the reason I have so many of the exact same deck, ’cause I use them. Now let’s take a look at the more casual decks. The casual decks I use will usually have a really nice design, sometimes simple, sometimes intricate, but for the most part are a little bit too ornate or too flashy for magic performances. All in all, these are my favorite types of cards because you can do cardistry with them, you can do magic to your friends, and it’s something that I always have in my pocket. As simple as they can look, you can also get cards that are more luxurious looking, something you don’t want the spectator signing.

Another reason I like these cards so much is because I like to match with my cards. Now I know that that sounds a bit obsessive, but I see cards as an accessory, as an extension of my style. So before I go out and I get ready to hit the town or spend some time with my friends, I take a look at what I have on and then I try to match the deck to go with it.

Again, this isn’t necessary, but it’s one of the reasons I love to have so many unique playing cards, is that I can accessorize with my playing cards. And lastly, but not leastly, is cardistry. These cards are very, very flashy looking. The designs do not normally lend themselves to someone who wants to perform magic. They’ll usually shape some type of geometrical design that makes it really cool when fanning them out, and if you take a look at the faces and the backs they are nowhere near standard.

They’re usually very, very unique and custom made, more to attract the eye because cardistry is something that will attract the eye and is not magic, so you don’t really care if they can’t read the faces. Basically the flashier, the better. If these things look good in motion, chances are cardists are using them.

Now I could drag this video on for another ten minutes and talk about the different reasons why I have all these playing cards, but as you can see, I’m a bit obsessed. Playing cards are an extension of my professional, my personal life. I could use a deck of cards to tell you a story or I can show you a deck of cards and it holds a story on its own. Why do you like cards?

Alright, so to wrap things up guys, that was basically a very, very basic rundown of why I have so many cards and why I collect them. Many reasons to get into, I didn’t go too much into detail, but hopefully you guys enjoyed that video and you found it somewhat informative.